Lenny loves…The Lazy Cow, Solihull

It does kinda seem that all I do is eat out, well, that is kinda true to an extent, but what can I say I love food!

So last weekend me and the bf decided to try the Lazy Cow in Solihull, having heard so much about this small chain we were both really excited, and we weren’t disappointed. In fact, I would go so fas as to say that it exceeded our expectations dramatically.

It was quite busy when we arrived, and only got busier as the night went on, but the service was impeccable throughout the whole evening and I wish I could remember our waiter’s name as he was lovely!

We settled down to our table and ordered some cocktails, I ordered a Cherry Cosmo which was delicious and the bf had a Mojito, which was perfectly balanced, not to strong and not too sharp.

We had real difficulty in choosing what to eat and after much deliberation and mind changing this is what we went for:

Starters consisted of 6 Oysters served with lemon, tobasco and a mignonette (shallot, pepper and vinegar) dressing for me and Jumbo Lump Crab cakes for the bf.

The Oysters were perfect. I think the trick with Oysters is to serve them ice cold, and these came on their own bed of ice. The dressing was a nice touch, but I stayed away from the tobacco as I’m not good with spice. The bf hadn’t ever tried an Oyster, so being the kind girlfriend that I am, I allowed him to sample mine and he really enjoyed them too.


The crab cakes were really good too! They were quite small but they were packed full of flavour and just perfect for a starter.


So the main event, the steak! There were so many cuts to choose from on the main menu but also on the specials menu too! They go into great detail as to where the beef has come from and what the flavours are and how they are best cooked.

In the end, I went for the 10oz New York Strip – Wet Aged USDA Prime which is described as the ‘King of Steaks’ on their menu. O.M.G you could cut this steak with a butter knife it was that tender and juicy. It was melt in the mouth gorgeousness! It was perfectly cooked, Medium Rare, and really stole the show.


The bf went for the 8oz Fillet Steak – 100 day grain fed Australian Angus beef. Again, so tender and juicy. Fillet isn’t my favourite as I feel it can sometimes lack in flavour, but this was a good bit of meat

20150221_204349Both steaks came with the obligatory fries, corn on the cob and also a half head of slow roasted garlic, which I squeezed out and enjoyed thoroughly! In my opinion, the sides were the perfect accompaniment to two amazing pieces of meat!

And who could say no to dessert, not me! Their dessert menu is pretty interesting as they serve dessert shots. We choose four out of the 7 choices, but really 3 would have been plenty! We went for the Snickerbocker Glory (as you should know by now the love I have for Peanut butter) Bailey’s and Oreo, Lemon posset and Chocolate Orange garden.


All were really delicious, but we really struggled to finish them all! It was such a nice touch having them in shot glasses, I always like something quirky and different about a dessert menu.

The whole dining experience was brilliant, from the service, to the food, right down to the great atmosphere.

It might have even been the best steak I have ever eaten, but the Jury is still out on that one!

I would highly recommend paying this place a visit very soon, and I would love to check out their restaurant in Stratford too, to see how it compares.

Have you been to the Lazy Cow yet?

Do you know somewhere that serves great steak? If so let me know in the comments below!

Lenny xx

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