Lenny loves…Burger Battles!

On Sunday me and the bf headed to Digbeth to attend the second UK Burger Battle run by Ahmed Kage who famously brought us Rib Nights. The event was held at Spotlight Nightclub, which is also the location of Digbeth Dining Club.

The Challengers: The Flying Cows from Rugby and Gone Burger from London,

The Flying Cows hit us with their ‘They’re Gone Burger’ which consisted of their own Dry Aged Dexter Beef Patty topped with 16hr Slow Cooked Pulled Pork, a Pepsi BBQ Sauce, Slaw, Monterey Jack Cheese all housed in a Brioche Bun.

The beef was really flavoursome, and the chunks of pulled pork were immense! as were the size of the gherkins on the burger which I loved. The only problem with the gherkin was it made the bottom of the bun a bit soggy as I didn’t realise it was in there. The bf didn’t have that problem as I promptly stole his out of the burger! The ‘slaw’ (love the use of this word) was really tasty, probably the best slaw I’ve tasted! The cheese just melted all over the burger and was really stringy and umptious!

Next up was Gone Burger with their Kickflip Burger, which comprised of a beef patty made from Welsh Grass fed beef, Monterey Jack Cheese, topped with their own Whiskey Smoked BBQ sauce, garlic mayo, lettuce, onion, gherkins, which were all stacked in a 50% Sesame Brioche Bun.

This was my favourite burger, but only by a small margin. For me the beef was a bit juicer but what made this burger was the Whiskey Smoked BBQ sauce. This sauce was amazing! It had a little bit of a kick to it which gave it such great flavour. The bun held it all together very well, although their gherkins were a lot smaller!

I always judge a burger on whether I could eat another one straight away and in theory I would’ve like to have been able to eat another one, however not sure how much my stomach would’ve agreed with me on that one!

Along with the fantastic burgers, there was a good array of entertainment, including an amazing magician, and some great funk and soul music. Overall it was a great evening with a fantastic atmosphere and to top it off they had their very own burger eating challenge, with a staff member from Michelin starred restaurant Adams taking on 6 burgers and attempting to beat the time set by Simpsons Restaurant at the launch event of 29 minutes.

After giving it his best shot, the poor lad from Adam’s had to make a dash to the little boys room at about burger number 4 1/2 so the title is still held by Simpsons.

I can’t wait to attend the next event, with tickets on sale now!

Do you think you could take on the burger eating challenge?

Lenny xx






2 thoughts on “Lenny loves…Burger Battles!

  1. I struggle to eat one burger so I couldnt eat lots. The first burger sounded the nicest, as I am not keen on BBQ flavours. Sounds like a great night though.


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