Lenny loves…Red lipstick

So I missed the Valentines boat with this one, but this post has been in the pipeline for a while now so apologises if you are sick to the back teeth of Red lipstick posts!!!


I never used to wear red lipsticks, mainly because I could never find a colour to suit me. However, I have recently jumped into the whole trial and error phase and have discovered a few gems along the way.

The first one that kicked it all off was actually a lip gloss, which I think is the best way to introduce colour. This one is by the lovely Tanya Burr and is in the shade Vampire Kiss, which according to Tanya was the hardest to get right! It is highly pigmented and the perfect shade of red for me, plus it smells gorgeous! It’s what I call a true red, very traditional deep red.

The next one in my collection is one that everybody talks about and its Ruby Woo by Mac. I mentioned this lipstick in another post here (insert link) and I still don’t know why it took me so long to try this one out. It’s a matte red and again a true red in the sense that it isn’t to warm or cool in colour, it is spot on and this one lasts on the lips very well. I do like to make sure my lips are well nourished when I use this to make sure there are no dry patches to take away from the magnificent colour.

A fairly new one to the market are the L’oreal Collection Exclusive range. I went for the Blake Lively true red. It is a bit deeper and darker than Mac’s Ruby Woo, but just as gorgeous and wearable and again very matte in texture.

The next two are higher end and the most expensive lipsticks I own. They are of course from Tom Ford. The two I have are quite different too each other, one is Wild Ginger and the other Cherry Lush.

Wild Ginger is a bright orangey red and is quite different to the other red’s I own. I didn’t expect to like it so much, but when the lady in Selfridges tried it on me I was sold!

Cherry Lush is similar to that of the Blake Lively red, in that it is quite a deep red, but Cherry Lush is less matte in finish.

What I love about the Tom Ford lipsticks is the rich, creamy texture and how they glide on the lips, you can definitely tell these are high-end and made with high-end ingredients.

The final red in my collection that I want to talk about is one inspired by Vivianna Does Makeup and is a lip pencil by Nars. Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s Cruella Velvet Matte Lip pencil. This is the deeper red out of all the reds and is very matte in texture. I love that it is in pencil form so there is no need for a lip liner around the edges. I absolutely love this colour and again, it is highly recommended that you ensure your lips are well scrubbed and balmed up before applying as it does highlight any dry patches you may have.

Red lips can definitely make an outfit and are one of the best pick me ups around for making you feel better about yourself.

Have you tried any of these reds? Which is your favourite go to red lip?

Lenny xx











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