Lenny loves…January Fav’s

January has been one hell of a month for me! It has been the best start to the year, and has firmly set my thoughts onto the fact that 2015 will be my year!

So life in general is my first favourite of January, I have started at the gym, been to many new places and also met a fantastic man!

But enough of that and onto the rest of my January favourites.

I have been really loving my bleach blonde purple shampoo from Lee Stafford. Recently I had a purple toner put on my hair and I really liked it, however, it doesn’t last all that well so this product really helps me out. Miss Budget Beauty recommended to leave the shampoo in for about 30 mins to give the hair a slight tinge of colour, which it does beautifully to my hair and I wish I had 30 minutes spare every morning to do this!

Purple Shampoo



source: boots.com

My lashes haven’t been without a coat of Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara this month. I don’t know how I have survived without this in my life. It really works wonders on those bottom lashes and helps widen the eyes. I also use it for those tiny hairs on the inner and outer corner lashes at the top too.

clinique bottom lash mascara

source: clinique.co.uk

My vacation countdown has enabled me to count down the days until I go to Mexico! I love to know, down to the minute, how long I have got left! I will replace the countdown to Mexico with Australia once I get back (as I am writing this there are only only 23 days 19 hours and 57 minutes to go!)


As I mentioned, I have joined my local gym and on a Thursday I go to my Fit2Fite class which is run by the lovely Michelle. This class is amazing and I really feel like I’ve done a proper work out when I leave! Michelle gets us all really motivated and is full of energy which is really infectious!

I am in such a happy place at the moment and really looking forward to what February will bring!

What did you love in January?

Lenny xx

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