Lenny loves…Valentines Day at Bun & Bowl

This weekend saw a lot of food action, so be prepared to be inundated with food posts this week! However, this post is all about the Valentines Day Menu at Bun & Bowl, which is based in The Cube in Birmingham.

Valentines Day is fast approaching and if you are still stuck as to where to go, I can strongly recommend this place.

We were treated to a lovely menu, especially devised with Valentines Day in mind, along with being serenaded by a beautiful violinist with a different song for each course.

Our appetizer was called ‘surprises of a passionate heart’ and consisted of a Mushroom cappuccino with hot soy milk served in a cute little shot glass with a lovely smoked salmon and avocado ballotine with clotted cream. It was delicious! Perhaps I am a bit biased as I love mushrooms, smoked salmon and avocado!


We were then brought out a glass of Red Champagne, which was Moet with a Strawberry purée and was lovely and bubbly and something a little different.


We were then served ‘A Pearl for my Love’ which was a superbly fresh oyster served on pearls of ice topped with a white bisque of lobster and champagne. I know oysters are very much a love/hate food but I personally love them, and happily volunteered to eat one of the attendees oyster for them! These oysters were lovely and cold and the foam on top was lovely and refreshing. Definitely a course to get you in the ‘mood’ ;).


Whilst we were eating our food and drinking our champagne, the violist was on hand to keep us entertained with some beautiful romantic tunes. I’ve always wanted to be serenaded by a violinist like you see in the movies!

Our main course came out looking fantastic, we were served a beef burger, which doesn’t sound romantic, but the Bun & Bowl are known for their burgers, and this one did not disappoint and came with a few twists. The meat was made from Rib eye and cooked medium rare and served with an onion confit which was glazed in port wine, along with a foie gras scallop. On the side were a lovely portion of fries and a little truffle dressing. The main was served on a lovely wooden block and the chips were in a little metal basket, with one particular blogger wanting to take her’s home with her (tut, tut Emma)!

The burger was so juicy and tender and everything worked so well together. I will definitely be revisiting to try their everyday burger menu.

Finally, it was time for dessert. It was nice to actually see something that wasn’t a chocolate fondant pudding on a Valentines Menu, but instead was something light and refreshing called ‘Strawberry Delights’. It was a beautifully presented masterpiece of strawberries with a touch of spice on a meringue foam with a mint gratin, chocolate and lemon jus with thyme.


It was beautiful. Personally speaking, I don’t find that you want a heavy meal on Valentines Day as you don’t particularly want to enter into a food coma when you go to bed, as there may be another desert on your mind if you know what I mean (wink, wink!!!).

To end the meal, we were served a short of Raspberry Vodka with Bailey’s, which rounded off everything perfectly!

A set menu will be available on Valentines Day for £30 per person, to include one starter, main and dessert with the full menu being shown on the day with a selection of alternative dishes, but I have no doubt they will all be as good as the next!.

The restaurant itself is quite modern and relaxed and if you don’t get the opportunity to go on Valentines Day, then I would definitely recommend you check it out another time.

There are still a few tables left but you better be quick, you can click here to book now.

If you already have plans for the most romantic night of the year, please share!!

Lenny xxx

Please note: My invitation to review the Valentines Menu was complimentary, however, as always, all opinions are my own.



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