Lenny loves…Birmingham

I love my home town of Birmingham!  Accor Hotels are currently running a blogging/vlogging competition (see here for more info) on the three things you love about your favourite city and I chose Birmingham for three very good reasons!

Having lived in the city all my life, bar 3 years when I lived by the sea, I have grown to love my home town and all that it encompasses.

It is such a vibrant and diverse city, with something for everyone, but here are my favourite things about Birmingham!

1) The Shopping!! Of course this was going to be on my list! The shopping opportunities in Birmingham are immense, with the Bullring housing Selfridge and Debenhams, along with brands such as Molton Brown, Whistles and Michael Kors there is something for everyone and then the Mailbox with Harvey Nichols and Armani.

(Image sources (left to right): Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

2) The Street food scene: As you will be well aware by now I am a massive street food fan and with events such as Digbeth Dining Club and Brum Yum Yum, you will be hard pushed to find anywhere better outside of London

3) The diversity of the City: Birmingham has such a diverse range of cultures and ethnic minority groups in the city and this in turn provides different types restaurants, stores and communities throughout the city. Visitors to the city can enjoy a trip to the Chinese quarter, take a wander down the Balti Triangle and explore the Caribbean community all within 5 miles of each other.

I wouldn’t choose another city to live in and feel that Birmingham is still very underrated as a city and needs more people to champion all that it has to offers!

Have you visited Birmingham before? What is your favourite city?

Lenny xx

2 thoughts on “Lenny loves…Birmingham

  1. I was really surprised when I visited Birmingham as it was so much better than I expected! I don’t mean that to sound rude but I loved it – the canals, the shopping, the bars and restaurants were all fab. It’s a great city that doesn’t get enough praise!

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