Lenny loves… the gym, or maybe not!!

So I joined the gym! I joined on Christmas eve, but hadn’t got round to going until this Monday.

With Mexico fast approaching (2 months today!) I really need to do something about this extra weight!

I joined 24/7 fitness as is closest to my work, so it’s fairly convenient for me to get to. It is fairly basic, but has everything you need and they offer a wide range of classes too.

So for my first trip I decided to try something new, I went along to Vibe Cycle! Well that was my first gym mistake of the year! Wow, the people who do that class are machines! It is very intense and very fast and I couldn’t for the life of me keep up at all!

The seats on those bikes O.M.G I have never felt pain in that area like it! When I got tired of cycling standing up I couldn’t even sit down to rest it hurt too much!

Then yesterday I woke up and the pain in my thighs and other areas I won’t mention was excruciating! OK maybe not excruciating, but pretty darn close!

Suffice to say yesterday I had a day of rest, but somehow that ended up with me going out for Pizza! Oops!

Today’s gym session was much lighter! A bit of work on the treadmill and some arm and stomach work too!

I shall keep you all updated on my progress throughout the coming months!

Have any of you joined the gym for the New Year?

Lenny xx

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