Lenny loves…Body Shop stocking fillers

Oh no, not more body shop purchases I hear you say! Well yes, unfortunately it is! But the Body Shop are just bringing it this year with the Christmas products.

On that fateful shopping trip I thought I had better justify some of my expenditure and snuck in a few bits that I could use as stocking fillers or small presents for a few people.



I thought this little polar bear set was really cute and I think I may give this to my sister as a small something, It contains a strawberry body butter and lip butter and it was just too cute to resist.


As were these body sponges in the shape of a penguin and polar bear! I brought quite a few of these! Not sure why, but I have already given one each to my best friends little ones, so just got to figure out a home for the rest!

Next up is something i see every year from the body shop and are such good little gifts at only £6 for say secret santa or a little something for a work colleague. I brought one in Shea Butter and one in Coconut. Each little box contains a shower creme, a body whip and a little shower puff.


Finally, Body Shop are well know for their White Musk Range, but I have noticed that this year they have brought out a few variances on the traditional scent. I came away with their White Musk Libertine scent gift box with a small Eau de Toilette spray and a body lotion. This was £8 so still perfect for a secret santa gift. I can’t remember what this smells like, but it must have been nice if I brought it! It is described on the Body Shop website as blending “…musks with the soft sweetness of turkish delight, baby orchid and chantily cream…”



Phew, that’s nearly all my body shop purchases covered now, apart from a few I may review for you throughout the year as they are from their permanent collections.

Has this enticed you to do any last minute shopping at the Body Shop?

Lenny xx


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