Lenny loves…Body Shop Christmas Ranges

As you will have read here, I spent an inordinate amount of money at the Body Shop a couple of weeks ago!

I thought it was about time I showed you exactly what I brought and some of the things that are on offer at the Body Shop this Christmas.

The three key Christmas ranges at the Body Shop this year are; Vanilla Brûlée, Frosted Cranberry and lastly my favourite, Glazed Apple.

It is a shame that these are limited to Christmas but hopefully I can stock up before they stop selling it for 2014.

First up, Vanilla Brûlée. This smells like sweet custard! I really like the smell of this range, and with the smell comes the soft feeling it leaves my skin when I use it, which is evident across all three ranges!


So in this range I brought two gifts sets, along with the Vanilla Brûlée Bath Jelly and Skin Sparkler.

SAMSUNG CSCThe first gift set came in a lovely tin and included a Body Polish, Body Shimmer lotion, Body Butter and shower puff. I have used the polish and the butter already. It smells so edible!

The second set, which i haven’t used yet and may use for a Christmas present is the Box of Joy.

This set is displayed in like a book style and includes a mini body butter, mini shower gel, a lip balm and soap. It is a really pretty gift for anyone who loves the smell of vanilla or loves eating creme brûlée.

The next range is Frosted Cranberry. I picked up one gift set which was presented in this lovely bowl, along with the only diffuser they had in their Christmas range.

In the bowl was a Body Polish, Shower Gel, Body butter and a Skin Sparkler.

The Frosted Cranberry scent is really sweet and fruity, but is probably my least favourite out of the Christmas Range, but that is not to say that I don’t like it, far from it.

The diffuser gives off a lovely scent, and is Christmassy without being to spicy as I am not a fan of traditional Christmas scents.

I have just used the shower gel and body butter and both have left my skin feeling smooth and smelling lovely.

The final range, and by far my favourite, is the Glazed Apple Range! I may have nearly brought everything I could in this range and may have to go back for more!

SAMSUNG CSCI didn’t by any gift sets in this range as I knew I would be keeping them all to myself!

So I went for…

SAMSUNG CSCBody Polish, Shower Gel, Bath Jelly  


Body Shimmer lotion and Body Butter


Room and Body Spray and the Skin Sparkler

The Glazed Apple range smells just like candied apple sweets, almost similar to pear drops.

I just absolutely love this scent, and just like the other ranges makes you feel all soft and lovely!

I feel like I want to take a bite out of myself when I use these products, again I won’t, but it is just such an edible fragrance.

I have mentioned the skin sparkler in all three ranges! These were what I was most excited about as it is scented body shimmer and gives a really delicate glitteryness to the skin! And if you can’t have glitter at Christmas when can you!

I haven’t done individual links to all the products as some of them aren’t on the website, so why not check out your local body shop to see what they have on offer or click here for their website.

I will be doing a general Christmas gift post from the Body Shop tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that!

Have you tried any of the Body Shop Christmas Ranges this year? What was your favourite?





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