Lenny loves… Christmas drinks!

Christmas is a time for drinking! Well it is for me anyway!

This is the time of year I bring out all the classics, Advocaat being one of them and knock myself up a Snowball.

Image source

I probably do this differently to most people, but this is the way I have been doing them for years!  So to create my perfect Snowball I take a tall glass, fill a quarter of it with Advocaat, then add a dash of lime cordial then top it up with lemonade. To finish it off, I add a couple of cherries on a cocktail stick (or alternatively, I just eat the cherries out of the jar!)

I love this drink, it reminds me of the first time I got a bit tipsy at Christmas!!

Next up is Baileys! I love me a glass or three of Baileys at any time of the year, but I probably drink more of it around Christmas time. There are quite a few flavour choices now; Hazelnut, Orange Truffle, Biscotti, Coffee and the wonderful Chocolate Luxe edition, you are literally spoilt for choice!



I love the Orange Truffle and the Chocolate Luxe mixed together, add a few ice cubes and there you have, in my opinion, the perfect drink. Check out baileys.com for some alternative ideas, I may even have to give one or two a go myself this Christmas.

For those of us who like a glass of bubbly or two, why not make it a bit different by adding a liqueur or some fruit juice. I love pomegranate juice in mine or why not go for a classic Bellini or bucks fizz! Try out the one below from Jamie Oliver


I do love Amaretto in anything, and it goes well with Baileys or even champagne! Try mixing a shot of amaretto with some orange juice, topped up with Prosecco or champagne. Check out this one from the Good Food website 


Now, something warm. Hot Chocolate! This can, of course, be as decadent as you want, as it is Christmas after all! This recipe includes my favourite, Baileys!


You can add alcohol too if you want, baileys, whiskey, amaretto, whatever you want. Top with cream and marshmallows and you are in utter heaven!

What is your favourite Christmas Tipple? If you don’t drink alcohol, what do you go for instead?

Lenny xx




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