Lenny loves…Quizmas Party Blogger Challenge

In the spirit of Christmas I have decided to the enter the Quizmas Party Blogger Challenge!!! Quiz clothes has challenged people to create their dream Christmas party so here is mine!!!

1. The Christmas theme I would have would be…

I think I would have to go with a Frozen themed party!!! I love the blues and whites and the fluffy colours! Think ice, snow and Snowmen with reindeer’s!

2. One thing every Christmas party needs is…

Fake snow!!! as fake snow is so much better than the real thing!!!

3. The Christmas song I’d put on repeat would be…

Christmas (Baby Please Come home) by Michael Bublé

4. The celebrity I would invite would be…

Michael Bublé!!!

5. I would kiss….under the mistletoe


6. The dress I would wear at the Quizmas party would be… 

silver dress quiz


And of course with every dress comes accessories…


Click here to get involved with the Quizmas Party Blogger Challenge! Share your links below so I can see what your dream Christmas party would be!!

Happy partying!!

Lenny xxx


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