Lenny loves…Winter Markets

So following on from last weeks Scoff Street Food post (click here for a quick recap!), as promised, I paid a visit to the Winter Markets down at The Bond in Digbeth.

This time, I had to venture out by myself and my partner in crime from last week couldn’t make it as he was unwell 😦 get well soon J x 🙂

I was welcomed by snow fall, luckily it was fake snow, and entered the sanctuary of food trucks and independent stall holders!

When I arrive at these types of events, I always take a wonder around once, to scope out who is there and what is happening.

The Winter Market is great for picking up some quirky presents for that up and coming holiday called Christmas, and of course, treats for oneself!

But first, feeding time! I was pleasantly pleased when I noticed that Andy from Low ‘n’ Slow was there. I love his food and always find it hard to choose between the pork or the beef. This time I decided, after much deliberation, to go with the 18 hr Slow Cooked Pork bun.

All I can say is wow! The juice that dripped from this burger, I am so surprised I didn’t get any down me! Well, what can I say, I learnt from the pros aka Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and Man V Food!

I love the flavours you get from Andy’s pork and the pickles and slaw that he uses just all go so well together! I am never disappointed with anything I choose from him.

I then decided to visit the Hungry Toad. What caught my eye was the prospect of Halloumi Chips!! Whoa there, deep fried cheese, you know I had to try them.

These were so good, and perfect to have after my Pulled Pork. I don’t know what it is about the Street Food Vendors, but all there food seems to be at perfect eating temperature, no need to hang around and wait for the food to cool down, you can just pop it straight in to the mouth and devour!

These Hallomui chips were fantastic! Especially with the lovely touch of lemon drizzled over the top! Definitely fancy trying the halloumi wrap next time I see them in town!

Now for pudding, and I knew what i was having before I even arrived. A Mince Pie Toastie from Jabberwocky, as I didn’t get round to having one last week at Scoff.


It was definitely worth the wait! I couldn’t finish it all so I had to take half home with me! It was so nice! Not too sweet and such a great take on the classic mince pie.

I was so stuffed after this, so I  decided to walk it off by seeing what was on offer inside at the little independent stalls as it was, after all, Small Business Saturday.

And what can I say, I had to do my bit for the economy!

I brought some bread and butter pudding from Peel & Stone, who, if you haven’t visited, do such amazing breads! along with some focaccia and sour dough breads

The caramel and fruit bread and butter pudding was so delicious, I am definitely needing a trip to the gym after that!

I also brought some sauces from the Sauce Shop. They had such a massive range of sauce, but me being me I went for something different, something sweet! I picked up a Peanut Butter sauce, as I am sure you are aware of my addiction to anything with peanut butter, and the Salted Caramel Sauce. I can’t wait to try these out!


I picked up some pies from The Pie Creator. I think is Black Pudding Scotch egg is possibly one of the nicest things I have ever eaten, and that is saying something, as I have eaten quite a lot of food in my time!! It was just heaven! Also, picked up some cheese, but was disappointed that the man who ran the store wasn’t around, and bless the Pie Creator man did his up most to serve and advise!

Once I was all shopped out, I traipsed back home to the warmth to devour even more food!

Have you been along to any winter markets this year?

Lenny xx

p.s – sorry about the epic fail of getting this posted, but I fell asleep last night! You will just have to have two today!!!

2 thoughts on “Lenny loves…Winter Markets

  1. Great to bump into you at the Winter Market. After your suggestion I went and had the Mince Pie toastie and got the last one – it was fab!

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