Lenny loves…Sunday Night Pampering

Sundays are all about relaxing for me and today has been no exception. I am currently getting over a cold which has really knocked me for six, so I have spent the majority of the day snuggled up in bed watching my new TV!!

So to kick start my pampering evening, I ran myself a nice hot bath and decided to try some of my new body shop products. I went for the Vanilla Brûlée range this time. I will be doing a full on review of the body shop christmas ranges later on in the month, so stay tuned!

I used the Vanilla Brûlée Bath Jelly to create some much needed bubbles. The smell of this range is just like a bowl of custard, sweet and creamy!


I lit a lovely Yankee Candle in the scent Cherry Vanilla, which are two of my favourite scents and let this burn away for a while in the corner of the room.


Washing my face with the Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Butter got my skin ready to apply another product from the body shop, their Mineral Warming Mask. This smells so relaxing and calming and is excellent for just before bed!


After pouring myself a lovely glass of Orange Truffle Bailey’s and sank into the tub!


Music of choice this evening was Ed Sheerans X album and I just lay for a while listening to the sound of his voice and smelling the lovely smells that were emanating from the vanilla products!

Getting out of the bath was so hard, I could have stayed in there for ages! But all goods things have to come to an end so wrapping myself in my nice fluffy towel I then went on to my skincare:


I am now all snuggled up in bed, with a nice cup of Ginger Tea, which i will share the recipe with you in another blog, it is so good for a cold and keeping those bugs away, and catching up with Strictly Come Dancing!


What does your Sunday Pamper Routine consist of?

Lenny xx

p.s. this blog isn’t sponsored by body shop – just happened to spend an inordinate amount of money in their the other day!!!

2 thoughts on “Lenny loves…Sunday Night Pampering

  1. Ugh, this has made me horrifically jealous. If I could do one thing for the rest of my life and get paid for it – it would be bath time ❤️ I’ve bought a couple of body shop treats also from online so I’m hoping I get to try them out soon. Xx

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