Lenny loves…Scoff Street Food

At the weekend, I headed over to Coventry to discover the new Scoff Street Food event over at Fargo Village.

Fargo Village is a very arty, vintage style area in Coventry, about 10 minutes walk from the Cathedral. I did feel like I wasn’t quite cool enough to be there, but I soon got over that when I tucked into some of the delicious food that was on offer.


So first up was Jabberwocky! I have had the pleasure of eating one of their toasties before , but this one beats it hands down. I decided to be a bit adventurous and go for a Pheasant toastie with black pudding, spring onions and Warwickshire cheddar. OMG it was soooo gooood! I could’ve quite easily eaten another one. How they come up with these combinations I do not know, but it was immense in flavour and the outside crispness of the toastie is like the icing on the cake! My food companion decided to go all out and went for the Manwich which was epic! A triple decker toastie with bacon, cheddar, onions, chorizo, garlic, Monterey jack, pastrami, mozzarella, ham, steak and pips hot sauce!!! A proper hardcore toastie!

Next up was a wander round the stalls inside, which included a really cool record shop where I picked up some old cd’s that reminded me of my teenage years!

Fargo Village had such a good vibe and atmosphere about the place, along with some amazing life music.

The Meat Shack were then on hand to quench my desire for pure meat! We went for their Buffalo Blue Candy Crumb burger, which we split in half in order to save some room for more food! There is only one word to describe it, delicious! The candied bacon was to die for! Completely forgot to take a picture of the burger though, we had scoffed it all before I’d even realised.

After a hot chocolate at the Urban Coffee Company, I decided to try the Chicken Pot Stickers from Canoodle! I am a massive dumping fan, and these did not disappoint, even down to the dressing on the accompanying salad!

After eating till we nearly exploded we wandered down to the Cathedral to marvel at its beauty and then headed back to Brum, which was totally manic by the way, good old German Markets!!!

On Saturday I am hitting the Seasonal Markets Winter Market down on Fazeley Street, why not come along!

Scoff Street Food is on every weekend at Fargo Village from 12pm – 5.30 so go check it our for yourselves, it is well worth a visit!

Lenny xx


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