Lenny loves… Planning holidays!

My little sis turns 30 next year, and she has requested that we both go to Australia to celebrate!

I love planning holidays just about as much as I like going on them!! I love all the research I can do before hand to ensure that we stay in the best places for our budget and visit all the things we want to do, especially if we are going across the world to do it!!

Our plans have started to take shape, with the help of a lonely planet guide to the East Coast of Australiasyd-pro-09-01

So far the plan is that we fly from Birmingham to Cairns, which involves a few stops then spend about 5 days in Cairns then fly to Sydney to spent about a week there, with space in between to consider somewhere else along the way, but we haven’t decided where! Anyone got any ideas??

We can’t actually book any flights yet as they haven’t been released, but as soon as they are out we shall be on the case!

In terms of accommodation, we have looked at a few places to stay, and are probably going to hire an apartment through airbnb, so we can have access to a kitchen etc. There are some really cool places on airbnb and we looking at a little pod in Cairns and an apartment overlooking Sydney Opera House in Sydney.

I am really looking forward to having another big holiday and I am yet to have a grown-up holiday with my sister, so it will definitely be an experience!

Just think this time next year I will be just about to jet off!

Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to visit or where else we could go whilst we are over there?

Lenny xx

One thought on “Lenny loves… Planning holidays!

  1. Oh how lovely. You will see some amazing sights. The planning and the excitement is some of the best parts about a holiday. Im sure you will have an amazing time xx


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