Lenny loves… Birmingham Independent Food Fair

I was lucky enough to receive a Media Pass to attend this year’s Birmingham Independent Food Fair which was held at Millennium Point and run by the fabulous Ahmed from Dine Birmingham

Being a massive foodie I jumped at the chance to attend, and had already purchased a ticket before receiving the media pass.

I attended with my mom and we popped along on the Saturday to explore what the local independent food and drink businesses of Birmingham had to offer.

Having never visited Millennium Point before, I was really surprised at how lovely the surroundings were, and have made a note to go back soon!

Now on to the most important part, the food!

We were both given a tasting card, which allows you 8 samples each from the different stalls. So off we went for a scope around to see what was offer before we made our decision on what to try first.

Let me tell you it was a tough decision! But we struggled on and our first choice was to try some offerings from Le Truc, who are a French restaurant based in the Arcadian.

I have tried their food before, having visited them at the Brum Yum Yum Street Food Festival in Kings Heath, but this time they had little tasters of Pigs Cheek and also a Goats Cheese taster. I ended up tasting both!! The Pig Cheeks were so melt in the mouth and this is definitely something I would eat a full main course of. The Goats Cheese was encased in Walnuts and served with beetroot and was really creamy and had a good strong flavour which I love when it comes to cheese!!


For the life of me I can’t remember the order of what we tried after that, it was all just a blur of food and a bit of drink! But here are the details of the rest of the morsels we got to try that day…

Some fabulous and I mean fabulous bread from Peel and Stone . We tried both the Beetroot and Goats cheese variety and the olive, anchovy and red onion one too. The bread was so chewy in texture, which you only get with homemade bread and they were big samples too!

Peel & Stone
Peel & Stone

Some melt-in-your mouth truffles from Henley Chocolates – I had previously brought some of their products at another food festival I visited in the shape of dinosaurs for my best friends children and decided to purchase some more and a bag of their truffles, which I have yet to try, but will report back when I do!

We tried some lovely greek yoghurt with some honey on which, for a non-honey eater, was pretty tasty from All Greek Delicatessen


University College of Birmingham were also at the event cooking up some sausages, and these were very scrummy. We got the chance to  sample the black pudding version along with a lamb and mint version. There were some leaflets on the restaurants that are based over at the college, and I have a feeling I may have to pay them a visit, especially being an ex-student who never got round to eating in the restaurants.

Don Diego Bar De Tapas, Sutton Coldfield were offering marinated chicken pieces as one of their samples, which were well-flavoured and very moist.

I also got to sample some wonderful coffee from a local coffee company The Urban Roast Coffee Company. The lady there was very informative about the flavours of the different coffees and the brand. I came away with three of their coffee taster packs, as my adventure into the world of coffee continues!

When it was nearing a decent enough time to drink alcohol, I toddled off the Bodega stand to sample a delicious Mango Frozen Margarita. Very refreshing and quite potent!! Thank god for the food i’d consumed already!


Outside, there were a few street food style stalls where we got to sample some Polish delights and some Pizza. The polish food from Barek Oskarek was really flavoursome, and has defiantly made me want to try a meal out at a Polish restaurant (recommendations much appreciated!). The pizza from Bare Bones was one of the best pizza’s I’ve eaten in a local time! So thin and yummy!

I have saved the best til last. Bake, who deliver cakes straight to you door and can also be found at both Lewis’s in Moseley and also provide the cakes to Carters of Moseley’s Afternoon Tea menu, along with various farmer’s markets across Birmingham.  OMG! I stalked this stand from the word go! The main thing that caught my eye was the Chocolate and Peanut Butter cake, well cake is a bit of an understatement, it was a thing of absolute glory and I got some good cutting photos as I hovered around! I also took some pieces home, again pieces doesn’t quite sum up the size of the slabs I was given!! We got to sample their New York Crumble Cake and their Peanut Butter Cookies, both were so lovely and tasty, it convinced me to purchase more from their stand. So I ended up taking home an ‘Elvis’ cupcake which was Banana Cake with peanut butter frosting and a candied piece of Bacon, so delicious and the frosting was so creamy and perfect in every way, along with a Dirty Brownie – I have no idea what was in this  but it very much deserved its name, it was lush!!! I have a feeling that won’t be the last time I sample their offerings!

This event showcased the very best of the local independent talent in the Birmingham area and I can’t wait to try them out further.

Organiser Ahmed from Dine Birmingham

Here’s to hoping there is another Birmingham Independent Food Fair next year, with even more new independent food businesses showcasing their talents!

Lenny xx

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