Lenny loves…Bicester Village

So, on my way back from visiting one of my best friends down in Bournemouth, I decided to stop of at Bicester Village as it is near enough on the way.

Big mistake, BIG, Huge!!!

What was meant to be a browse turned into a massive shopping spree!


I first decided to go around once and have a look at what all the shops had to offer so that i didn’t over spend, but like all good plans there was a flaw!  There was just so much nice stuff!!!

My first purchases were spurred on by the rain!! Just as i was leaving this particular shop empty handed it hammered it down with rain, so I decided to continue browsing and the inevitable happened! Smythson has always been a brand that i have associated with being classy and sophisticated, so I  to purchase a Notepad and a business card type holder thing so I can carry my new blogging business cards around and the notepad is so that i can plan all the things i want to do before I’m 35, 40 etc.


I can’t for the life of me remember the order of the rest of my purchases, but here is what happened…

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch


Kate Spade Handbag, purse, phone cases x3 and a bow ring

Lulu Guinness Shopper bag, purse and umbrella


2 pairs of shoes, in exactly the same style, but different colours as I couldn’t decide which ones to buy!!!


I think that was pretty much it!!

Boy, is the bank manager going to hate me!!!

Shopping is the best form of therapy, but it can get out of hand, so I am determined to curb my spending now as I need to start saving for my own place. However, I have just ordered myself a new car, details to follow soon!!!

What cheers you up when your feeling down?

Lenny xxx


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