Lenny loves…Lush Spa, Poole

Whilst visiting one of my best friends, who lives in Bournemouth, I thought I would take myself off to Poole and have a wander down to the quay.

Being a big fan of Lush, I knew that their headquarters are based on the high street, so I thought I would pay them a visit.

Whilst in the store, I noticed they had a spa attached, so I tried my luck to see if they had any treatments available, and luck was on my side and they managed to squeeze me in for a treatment known as ‘The Spell’.

It is described as ‘a magical treatment; let your worries vanish right before your eyes. Relaxing body tensions and calming the mind by stimulating reflex points through the feet, The Spell helps you to stand in truth with courage.”

On the treatment board the description was much smaller, but once I was invited into the spa area, Emma my therapist, sat me down and went through what the treatment involved and went through all the products she would be using, and I had chance to have a good smell!

You are asked to write a worry that you have on a piece of paper and pop into the kettle, then you light a match and place it in the kettle and then it disappears! It is meant to symbolise your worries disappearing during the treatment.

After being described what was involved, I was even more excited about my treatment and was taken into a lovely little room where the magic was to happen.


The Spell is so much more than a foot treatment. It involves a foot soak, a foot scrub, a foot mask, a scalp massage, a massage of the arms and legs (over the towel) and an amazing foot massage, which is where I started to drift into pure utter bliss!

Once the treatment was over, Emma prepared me some tea with lemon, mint and lemongrass and left me to get myself together. I wasn’t sure whether my legs and feet would function properly as they were so relaxed, but up I got.

As a little gift, they give you the rest of the foot scrub bar, which was the Stepping Stone Foot Scrub to take away with you.

I was also given a gift to take away with me, which I waited until I was on the train to investigate. And boy what a gift. It included a full size Stepping Stone Foot Scrub, a Big Blue Bath Ballistic, a Peace Massage Bar and a Full of Grace Facial Serum. The box is worth £25!

I will definitely be making another appointment at the Lush Spa when I come back to Bournemouth in a couple of months, but which one to try?? Decisions, decisions! Check out the website and let me know your suggestions! Have any of you ever had a trip to a Lush Spa?

Lenny xx

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