Glynn Purnell book signing at Harvey Nics

On Wednesday evening I went along to a book signing event at Harvey Nichols in Birmingham.

This was an impromptu decision on my part as I had seen the event advertised a few times and was undecided whether I was going to go. But then on Tuesday I popped into Harvey Nics to purchase my Caudalie Beauty Elixir as I add just run out, and as I was leaving I noticed the sign advertising the book signing again.

I stood there for what must have been a whole minute, just pondering what to do, and then something inside screamed at me and said of course you want to go! So in I marched back to the food hall and reserved my place and got my book!

Said book was Cracking Yolks and Pig Tales by Glynn Purnell . I had heard about the book in the run up to the event and was very intrigued as to how it would turn out, and I wasn’t disappointed! It’s full of cheeky stories and antidotes of how the receipies came about and some fantastic #foodporn in the form of some beautiful pictures depicting how the dishes should look like when your done. I know that nothing I try to cook ever looks like something out of the book, so I shall just ogle these pics instead!



Being a fellow brummie, I am defiantly one to support home-grown talent, and Glynn is one of the best Birmingham has seen.

He is down to earth, funny, charming and someone who you would be quite happy to go down to the pub with, have a few beers and have a great night!

Whilst on the train to the event, I sat reading his intro to the book and The Pillow Fight story (its worth buying the book just for this!) and I could hear Glynn telling the story in is brummie accent and cheeky demeanour.

I was certainly not disappointed by meeting Glynn, for what was actually the second time, and to my astonishment, he actually remembered me from before.

To have someone like Glynn Purnell say ‘I recognise you from somewhere’ was a bit overwhelming, and rest assured, it wasn’t anything to do with stalking!

In January I was invited to do be in the audience of a new TV show and Glynn was on of the chefs working his wonders in the kitchen. Luckily for me, I was sat right behind where Glynn was standing, and thoroughly enjoyed trying some of the food he and the other chefs and cooked. But more on the Tv show when it is due to come out, which is hopefully in the Autumn.

Back to the book signing. It wasn’t pretentious, or stuffy it was really relaxed and Glynn had time to speak to everyone and take pictures and answer any questions we had.

Most of the chat at the event was food related, so I did leave the event feeling rather hungry!

I would love to get up close and personal (not like that!) and find out what makes him tick in the kitchen, what inspires him and what his future dreams and plans are! But this is as close as I have got so far…

Me and Glynn!
Me and Glynn!

Unfortunately, I have yet to visit Purnells Restaurant on Cornwall street, and it is very much on my list to visit and review for you all here. I have, however, visited his Bistro on Newhall Street twice, sampling both the delicious food and amazing cocktails and if you haven’t yet been, then what are you waiting for, get yourself down there! I also hear that their Sunday Lunch’s are just as amazing, so may have to take myself off there very soon indeed!

The staff were so friendly, and nothing is too much trouble. They catered for my friends Nut allergy as if it was a normal request, always checking with the chefs if they were unsure, and even going the extra mile to prevent any cross contamination with the cocktails. I can’t wait to go back again soon!

I am going to have to save my pennies to make the trip to Purnells, as reading the recipes in the book has definitely left me intrigued, even more so than I was before.

I can’t wait to attempt some of the recipes in the book, with Baked Cheddar Custard with Red Onion Salad, Chicken Curry Pie and Peanut Butter Lollipops first on my list!

Peanut Butter Lollipops
Peanut Butter Lollipops

Check back soon for my culinary attempts at these recipes!

Lenny xx


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