Birthday Celebrations #3 – Wednesday (lunch) and my actual birthday!

Waking up 30, as with any birthday, felt just like any other day, apart from it was MY Day!

I had got up in the middle of the night to visit the little girls room and nearly got strangled by a balloon on my way back into bed! I was half expecting a room full of balloons when I woke up, but it was just the one!

After a cup of tea, I started opening my cards and presents which is the best part! I had already opened my present and card from my Mom & Stepdad and my little brothers present. I will do a ‘what i got for my birthday post’.

I was very spoilt by everyone, and got so many lovely presents and the best was yet to come. My hubby had booked a table at one of my favourite restaurants in Birmingham – Carters of Moseley for Lunch which was fabulous. Now if you haven’t guessed yet, I am a massive foodie and love trying new things and experiencing new places, however my husband doesn’t share this passion, so it was nice for him to make the effort to go somewhere different.

I also got the opportunity to dress up, and wore what I would’ve worn if I had gone out on the Friday night with my bestie and the fellas


Playsuit – Warehouse, Jacket – Marks & Spencer, Shoes – Kurt Geiger, Necklace – Marks & Spencer, Bag – Rebecca Minkoff (One of my birthday presents)

All glamed up and ready to go!

We were welcomed at Carters by Holly, who co-owns the restaurant with Chef Brad Carter. All the staff were so friendly and were really knowledgeable about the dishes on the menu and really passionate about their work.

Their lunch menu is quite compact, but there was something for everyone, even my fussy husband!

Whilst we waited for our food, they brought out some bread for us to nibble on. Their bread is amazing! It was dense with a lovely crust  served with Pigs Butter, yum! It was so good we asked for another piece each!



For starters I went for Mackerel with gooseberry’s and the hubby went for Duck Hearts with Creamy polenta.

The mackerel was so soft and beautiful and the flavours of the gooseberry worked so well. The duck hearts were nice too, they had a strong gamey taste, definitely a winner.

For mains I went for fish again and had Sea Trout with Seashore Vegetables and the hubby went for the Lamb Faggot, again this was a bit out of his comfort zone!

The sea trout again was lovely and soft and fleshy and the sea vegetables really made the dish taste fresh. I could tell that hubby was surprised with his dish as his face told it all when he put the first bite into his mouth! I think he was expecting not to like it but it was definitely a nice look of surprise on his face! The spiced carrot puree brought a lovely curried flavour to the dish. I also had a portion of asparagus to go with mine, which were perfectly cooked as one would expect from such a talented kitchen.

Dessert was decided as soon as we looked at the menu. I knew hubby would have the Sticky Toffee Pudding, and as I had tried this before I knew he wouldn’t be disappointed. As I mentioned earlier, I love to try new things and loved the unusual sounding Sea  Buckthorn Icebox Pie. But all was not lost with the cheese option. Our lovely waiter set out to describe the three cheeses that were on offer with that day’s cheese board, and he was definitely a guy after my own heart. The passion on his face when he described the first cheese was just incredible and that in itself was enough to justify having the cheese after pudding!


The Sea Buckthorn Icebox pie was a real palette cleanser, as it was so fresh and zingy and more of a sorbet than an ice creamy texture. The concept was very similar to that of a Baked Alaska. It has a biscuit base then the sea buckthorn ice sorbet thing, then topped off with the lightest, creamiest meringue ever! Sea Buckthorn is a little orange fruit that grows by the sea (so I am told) and looks like this…

Sea Buckthorn
Sea Buckthorn

I can’t really describe what it tastes like, it has quite an unusual taste, but it was good different!

Hubby’s Sticky Toffee Pudding, served in a Tate and Lyle Golden Syrup tin was delicious, he literally scraped the tin clean!

After my refreshing pudding I was ready for my cheese! I am a massive cheese fan and couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about with one particular cheese.


Oh my God! The cheeses were out of this world, especially the middle cheese, which is the one with the most excitement around it. The name of this fabulous cheese is Stichelton. The waitress kindly wrote down the descriptions for each cheese so I could share with you.

So lets start with the one farthest away in the picture – St Oswalds, An unpasteurised cows milk cheese from Evesham washed in Brine and has a semi soft texture and a meaty savoury flavour. This was quite similar in texture to brie but a bit more dense and had a distinctive flavour.

The Stichelton, the one in the middle, looks a lot like a soft blue cheese, but it is on a whole other level. Described as an Unpasteurised Blue Cows Milk Cheese (only blue in the country made from unpasteurised milk) buttery texture with a rich and creamy flavour. This is definitely a cheese you must try. It was just orgasmic, even the hubby liked it and he can’t stand blue cheese! It was so creamy, but had such an intense flavour but not overpowering. Words cannot do this cheese justice.

The final cheese, the one closest in the picture, is St Andrews which is an Unpasteurised cows milk cheese from Fife in Scotland. It is a cheddar style cheese which has been matured for 9 months and has a medium strong flavour. This is no ordinary cheddar, this has amazing flavour. I am not a massive fan of mature cheddar from the supermarket as it is very overpowering, but this cheese is delightful, with a strong flavour that doesn’t blow your head off!

All three cheeses can be brought from Curds & Whey at Moseley Farmers Market, and I shall definitely be purchasing some (a lot!) for myself soon!

I have completely overlooked the homemade biscuits and chutney! The biscuits were so crumbly and buttery, each with a different flavour to them and the chutney was lovely and thick, but I was so focused on the flavour of the cheese I didn’t get to eat much of it!

To finish off the lovely meal, I opted for a Lemon Verbena tea, as it can help with digestion, something I would definitely need after all that food (tmi!)



It was served in a lovely glass teapot and a pretty tea-cup and saucer, which matched the tea perfectly. The tea itself was lovely and refreshing, a definite one to try at home.

I also received this from the staff to say happy birthday

A lovely pretty birthday message in chocolate, which didn’t last long, with some homemade cardamom chocolate wrapped in silver foil. This was so moreish and had such a delicate flavour of cardamom that it didn’t over power the chocolate. We took one home with us to eat later.

And that was our meal over. It was such a lovely laid back lunch, they don’t rush you, but they are always around topping up the water and answering any questions you may have.

If you haven’t yet been, do give it a go, I am not sure why Carters hasn’t got a Michelin star yet, but it sure will be on its way soon!

Stay tuned for what I got up to in the evening.

Lenny xx

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