Birthday Celebrations #2 – Sunday

Round 2 of pre-birthday celebrations took place on Sunday, which was also Fathers Day, so we booked well in advance and went to the Barnt Green Inn in Barnt Green (duh!).

Attending this magnificent event were myself (obvs!) my hubby, my mom, stepdad, sister and brother and also my mother and father-in-law.

We had a lovely table just to the side of the bar out of the way. My sister had decorated the table with balloons and confetti which was a nice surprise.


As I am signed up to the Barnt Green Inn Newsletter, I received a voucher for my birthday for a bottle of champagne when 4 or more people dine, which was a fabulous way to kick start the celebrations



The food was so lovely, it was really difficult to choose and it did take us all a while, but here is what we all went for…


Mains – Most of us went for the Sunday Roast options, however my sister opted for a Burger topped with BBQ Pulled Pork. I managed to sneak a bit of the pulled pork and it was lush! Definitely one for me to try on my next visit! My mom decided to go for the veg option with was a Roasted Mushroom, Feta and Onion Tart, but I didn’t manage to get a picture of it, but again as with all the food it was lovely.


Now you can’t beat a good pud, and again it was difficult to choose from the amazing options…

My amazing mom made me a beautiful birthday cake, which I am told, caused no end of problems! This is the finished result…

We all had such a lovely day, and would definitely recommend the Barnt Green Inn for lunch, dinner or even a celebration!

Next celebrations were on Wednesday (my actual birthday!)

Lenny xx

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