Officially 30!

Hey everyone,

I shall keep this short and sweet as I want to do a in-depth post on my birthday shenanigans soon!

In short, I had the most wonderful birthday! Best birthday ever!

My hubby spoilt me rotten and so did my family and I had such a great day yesterday, it was just perfect.

I am still waiting for my present from my little sis, and she has been going crazy waiting for it to be delivered, so as soon as that arrives, I will do a full post on what I got for my birthday, but I will say so far I got a handbag, perfume, makeup and jewellery!

I am also off away this weekend, down to Devon, as a little treat with my mom and sister, so excited!

I hope to get at least part 1 of my birthday on here tomorrow, so fingers crossed tonight’s England match doesn’t distract me too much! (as if..)

Right, well now I am off to the Sealife Centre with my bestie and her two gorgeous little ones!

Have a great day!

Lenny xx


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