One day to go…

Tomorrow is my birthday, as you all probably know already, I’ve been banging on about it enough!

I had a busy weekend, hair, nails and make-up having been done on Friday, me and hubby went out for something to eat (I will do a whole weekend post soon!)

Then on Saturday I went to Blognix 2014 which was awesome (again, full post coming up soon!) then I had a lovely family day out on the Sunday to celebrate both my birthday and fathers day! We had such a lovely day and I love my family so much!


I am now actually quite looking forward to tomorrow, apart from all the pressies and cards and the surprise day out with hubby, turning 30, I hope, will be a turning point for me and I shall finally get myself together!

I am currently at a cross-roads in my life and as soon as I am back from my holiday at the beginning of July, I shall be trying to gain some perspective of my ‘life’ situation and make some changes.

If any of you have turned 30 or got to an important milestone in your life, I would love to hear how you coped!! and also what changes, if any, did you decide to make.

I shall do a quick post tomorrow if I can!

Lenny xx

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