Zara Haul #1

I don’t usually buy from Zara, not because I don’t love the clothes, I do, but generally because they don’t fit me right.

Their dresses are beautiful, but the small is too small and the medium is too big! Go figure!

However, on this one occasion, when I had popped in for a gander, I came across these ripped jeans and just had to try them on!



They were love at first try, however they are quite long on me, being on the short side, but I didn’t care I just had to have them. They are beautiful! I can see me wearing these to death!

My other purchase was a necklace. I have been searching for some statement necklaces for a while, and have been eyeing up ebay for the past couple of weeks at all the lovely Zara necklaces, so I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled across this gem in store and for only £20! (for some reason on the website it is priced at £30!)



These pictures don’t do it justice, it is stunning! I can’t wait to wear this for my birthday!

However, I still continue to scour ebay for more and I have also built up a little collection of statement necklaces in my hunt for perfect one, so I may do a little collection post on them all soon.

Take care


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