One week in counting!

In exactly one week I will turn the good old age of 30! Eeekkk! I can’t say I am looking forward to this event, but there is nothing I can do to slow down the passage of time!

I have no idea what the hubby has planned for the day, as he is being all secretive, so I shall have to be very prepared and sort out a range of outfits ready to go!

I do love surprises, but I am so impatient when it comes down to them.

In terms of celebrations, well I was meant to be going out with my best friend and her husband this Friday, but he has been called away on business, so those plans are hold, but me and the hubby will probably go out for a quick bite as I am having my hair done that day anyway, so that is the start of the weekend of plans.

Saturday sees me attend the Blognix conference, on which I shall do a post on and let you know how my first blogging event went. I am really looking forward to hearing ways on which I can improve my blog (and believe me I need all the help I can get!) as well as meeting fellow bloggers and checking out a new venue in town Alfie Birds for afterwards.

Sunday is of course Fathers Day, so in a joint family celebration, we are off to a lovely pub for Sunday Dinner with both my parents, sister and brother and my husband’s parents, and of course my husband!

What next week holds in store I don’t know, but I will also have to start considering what I am going to pack for my holidays!

I will no doubt do a post on all birthday activities, and will also try and do a ‘what’s in my travel bag/suitcase’ post before I go.

What does this weekend hold for you?

Lenny xx

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