Lennyloves…dreaming about winning the lottery!

I am sure this is something we are all guilty of doing, and on my part, I am guilty of doing this far too often!

With the Euro millions jackpot standing at £54 million in tonight’s draw, someone out there may be a lot richer by tomorrow morning!

As I said, I spend far too much time thinking about what I would do if I won an obscene amount of money, and the long and short of it is, I would go travelling! I have the travel bug big time and wining the lottery would enable me to go off for however long and visit wherever I wanted and travel in style.

Of course there are other things I would spend my money on, like shoes, handbags, diamonds, clothes etc but I am just going to focus on my travel dreams for now…

First off would be first class travel



with my fancy luggage


The hardest part would be where I would go first….umm there are so many places but I think I would start off with Bali…

Banyan Tree Ungasan

Then a tour of Malaysia starting with The Ritz-Carlton in Kuala Lumpur

Then some more beach time at the Pangkor Laut Resort, Malaysia 

And to Borneo to experience some wildlife…

So where to next…normally it would be Thailand, however I have not long come back from there (maybe I shall do a separate post not Thailand!)

I think Dubai, the land of the Rich!! Dar Al Masaf, Dubai

I imagine there would be lots of shopping to do in Dubai that would help me put a dent in the lottery win!

Off to the Indian Ocean I think, blue sea, peace and tranquility awaits…

Kandolhu Island, Maldives

And while we are over that way, why not the Seychelles too…

Desroches Island

Wow, that is quite a few places and I have only covered South-East Asia, Dubai and the Indian Ocean!

I won’t bore you with anymore photo’s today, but I may do some follow-up posts on dream travels to other places in the world! You never know if I keep my fingers crossed I may even get to go to some of these beautiful places (most of which I found on kuoni.co.uk, which is where I look to view most of my dream holidays!)

Good luck to all of those who have played the Euro millions for tonight!

Lenny xx







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