Booking Satisfaction!

I know all about procrastination when it comes to booking things into the diary, but today is a day when I have finally achieved booking satisfaction.



As you will know from my post earlier in the week, I am celebrating a big birthday soon and with this in mind I have a few celebrations planned. This has involved me hunting out the best places to go and having found them actually booking them.

I am not sure why it has taken me so long for me to sort myself out, but today it is finally done.

I have booked the pre-cocktail drinks for the Friday night celebration along with the meal afterwards. We are off to The Edgbaston first then off to Andersons Bar and Grill in St Paul’s Square, Birmingham for a tasty meal! Both bookings were a first for me in terms of asking for a specific table having visited both places before.

Then on the Sunday we are going for a family meal to the Barnt Green Inn, and as it is Father’s Day I awaited with bated breath to see if they had any tables free, and low and behold they did!

Along with the immense about of food and drink that will be consumed that weekend, I have also had to book in a few days of pampering to get myself looking my best! So along comes my first ever spray tan so that I can wear my new playsuit without the normal pasty white legs I am sporting at the moment. I have also booked in a manicure and pedicure, a hair appointment and a make-up appointment. I don’t do anything by halves, I may even see if I can sneak in a facial the week before!

Is it too sad to by myself balloons and banners, as I am pretty sure the thought hasn’t even crossed his mind! Ummm, one to ponder.

Lenny x

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