Road Trip Style…The Atlantic Coast

Have you ever fancied just hitting the open road in a American Cadillac with the wind blowing in your hair and a hunky man beside you to keep applying that sun tan lotion.

In light of this day dream I have devised a wish-list suitcase for a trip along the Atlantic Coast for the Round the World Experts competition (click here to find out more) in association with The Bloggers Lounge. I think I may have to look in more detail at the Round the world site as I may be planning a special trip for my sisters 30th birthday next year!

The prize, however, is not a holiday but it is a £100 fashion voucher of your choice, which may enable me to purchase some of my wish list!

So to the daydream trip…

Picking up my car from Miami baby – and this would be my dream car

My Red Cadillac

(picture from

Now onto the most important thing the outfits!

Days 1 & 2 Miami – very glamorous!



Day 3-4 Orlando (or more specifically Disneyworld!)

Kept it quite simple with this look, comfort is key!

Day 5 & 6 Nashville


Day 7 & 8 – Washington DC – time to meet the President


Day 9 & 10 New York, New York – time to hit the shops! and then a few cocktails!

And finally, least we forget those everyday essentials…

Now I’ve never been one for packing lightly as you can see, but I like to be prepared for all eventualities!!

This has a) made me want to go shopping and b) made me want to book another holiday – as I said I am in the first stages of planning a trip with my little sis next year so who knows!

What do you think of my choices? If you are a blogger and are interested in this competition, and designing your own suitcase for a road trip (there are others to choose from) then click here . Let me know what you choose!

Sorry my pictures aren’t in a fancy mood board – I am still getting to grips with all this technology!!

Anyway, enjoy planning your next road trip with Round the World Experts.

Lenny xx

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