The countdown begins….

I missed an important date yesterday, well important to me. It was exactly a month yesterday until I turn 30!

Wow, the big 30! Not sure I am prepared for what this new decade in my life is going to bring. Will it mean I have to grow up and start thinking about pensions and plans for the future? Is everyone going to expect a more serious version of me or will everything stay exactly the same?

Well, I am determined to make the most of this big event in my life’s calendar. I have plans for the weekend before – one of which includes going to the Blognix Conference in Birmingham (my home town, so I couldn’t not go!). Friday night I am hitting up Birmingham with some friends and Sunday I will be doing the whole family meal thing (which reminds me I have to get that booked!). Then as my birthday falls on a Wednesday, good old hump day, I am hoping that the hubby has something wonderful organised (yeah, who am I kidding!) I may have to have a back-up plan just in case!

Then the following week I am off to Turkey for my hollibobs! However, as I write this I am sitting in the garden with the sun shining down all I need is a pool, a cocktail and a hunky waiter and I wouldn’t need a holiday (slight daydream going on there!)

Once I am back to reality and all the fuss is over, I will be on the hunt to find a new job! Here’s to hoping that turning 30 is the start of something fabulous!

Here are a few pics of what my dream birthday celebrations would include…

Dream outfit ideas…


(photos from, and

Shoes and accessories…

(Shoe pictures from and, handbags from and jewellery from


(pictures from The Edgbaston website – the most fantastic cocktail bar in Birmingham – check out my review here

And finally food… There is only one place for my dream meal and that is The Fat Duck in Bray owned by Heston Blumenthal

(Pictures from the

Wow this post has gotten far too long and I have spent too much time on pinterest and net-a-porter!

I have enjoyed doing this post so I may do a series of posts with some more fantasy images on for you!

Let me know what you got up to for your 30th birthday or if it is approaching like mine what your plans are!

Lenny x

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