Lenny loves…Drystar


Now I wouldn’t normally do this as this is not an item I have purchased (due to lack of funds at the moment!!) but I just had to tell you all about this brilliant little independent company I stumbled upon in Birmingham today.

There are I am meandering along in the Bullring and I come across a pop-up store of independent traders next to Oasis. I venture inside and there is a little stall selling gym gear, a men’s clothing stall and stall selling pre-owned designer gear (will defiantly be checking out their website – tags-on.com) a lovely stall selling satchels and the drystar stall selling raincoats.

Now no-one is more shocked than me to sit here and type about a raincoat, especially as the sun is shinning beautifully today. But, these raincoats are the prettiest raincoats I have ever seen! The colours are beautiful and they are not geeky looking, rain macs but shiny pieces of art!

My favourite colour is the ocean green, it is beautiful – well all the colours are lovely and very wearable – nothing gaudy about these stunners!

I tried one on and it was lovely, it had a dropped hem so it covered your bottom and also went down to about mid-thigh for me (I am only 5ft). It just looked so cute and trendy and boy I would’ve loved to be able to part with the £59.99 it cost to own one but I have a holiday booked in June and also my 30th Birthday celebrations, so I am hoping that I will get some spending money in which to treat myself to one.

I notably took down the website and jumped straight on as soon as I got in. The lovely lady at the pop-up stall was telling me that they are fully waterproof and the rain just rolls off in drops – to which I replied just like a duck (water off a ducks back!!)

I clicked on their ‘about me’ section on the website www.drystar.co.uk and this is what I found…

Spring 2013, with our camping trips and festival tickets booked, we spent hours and hours shopping for the perfect waterproof jacket to see us through to the autumn…

We tried on loads of raincoats and they were all either too short, too shapeless, too noisy (we can’t bear a rustley coat), had elasticated waistbands and plastic toggley bits or hoods that were either too tight (ET anyone) or too floppy…

Who knew that shopping for a raincoat could be so difficult?!

So, at the end of our tether, we decided to make something that we would love to wear.  Drystar was born.

We have thrown ourselves into every detail of the Drystar design from the metallic colours and waterproof fabric, to the dipped hem, roll-back sleeves and feature zips, to the flattering shape and of course a stylish collar and hood.

It’s important to look great even when it’s pouring down and with a Drystar jacket we think you can do just that!

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Well Jo and Helen – I certainly do! And I do hope that I get to own one and do a full review soon!

If you are in Birmingham this week – then do go and check the pop-up out as it is always nice to support local independent businesses when you can!

Lenny x

p.s I have in no way been compensated for this post, these are all my own opinions and feelings!



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