Review: The Edgbaston, Birmingham

So last Friday I ventured into Birmingham to the opening of The Edgbaston, a new bar and hotel based next to Simpsons Restaurant in Edgbaston.

I had been looking forward to this evening for a while, having followed The Edgbaston on Twitter for months and being teased with pictures and updates, I had high hopes for this 1920’s style bar and hotel.

And they did not disappoint! The welcome, the hostess, the bar tender, the decor, the food and oh the cocktails, all were totally amazing!!


We were led in to one of smaller bar area’s on the first floor, which was stunning! It has a massive chandelier over the curved sleek bar, which an array of tantalising bottles of fancy liquors.

We sat in a lovely corner and were greeted by our lovely hostess who presented us with a menu of the cocktails on offer. Well, it was more like a book of dreams! In the centre of the drinks menu was a double page spread with a compass guide to the different types of cocktails depending on whether you like sweet, rich, dry or sour tastes. So using that as a guide you can go through the pages and pages of delicious sounding cocktails and pick out the ones that take your fancy. Which is a lot harder than it may first seem!

So me and my friend came up with a plan. Start off with a Champagne cocktail and then work from the first page and take it from there!

My first cocktail was a Kirsch Torte, which was a Glass of Moet Champagne, with Mozart Dry Chocolate Spirit, Kirsch liqueur and Luxard Maraschino Cherry – which tasted just like a chocolate covered cherry, it was lush!

My friend went for the Edgbaston Fruit Cup, which was a fruity concoction, with cucumber sticking out which made it a very refreshing fresh Champagne cocktail.

Alongside round 1 of drinks we ordered some food! A pop-up kitchen, by the name of Habanero Cafe were providing the tasty delights that weekend and boy what a treat! Having just got off the plane from Paris and not eaten all day I decided to try each of the 4 taco’s on offer – consisting of pulled pork, beef brisket, mushrooms and a prawn taco. My, oh my, oh my, they were delicious! In fact so delicious that I ordered all 4 again! Me, greedy, never! But I just couldn’t resist!

The next round of cocktails consisted of a Whoopsy daisy for me, which was some rhubarb, pomegranate, vodka connection – can’t exactly remember – I am crap blogger – next time i will take a pen and paper with me and right down all the ingredients – and believe me there definitely will be a next time – I can’t remember what my friend had, but I remember every cocktail we tasted was amazing.

Whilst we were deciding on what to have next, we met a lovely group of people who were sat on the next table to us and we ended up trying each other’s cocktails, and like I said we didn’t taste a bad one, however, there were some that weren’t to my taste. Namely, the Nameless Samurai (see what I did there!) which was served in a bento style box, with a shortbread finger! It was quite strong for me but it was so quirky it deserved a mention. It consisted of Japanese Whiskey, Byrn Grand Quinquina (no idea as to what this is!!) Chambord Liqueur and House Rum & Raisin Bitters.

My final cocktail was a Parisian Chic – just for the fact that I had just come back from Paris. It was a smooth Egg white topped cocktail, which tasted zesty and delicious.

My friend, however, won the cocktail choice of the night, which was The Crumble. Wow, not sure words can describe how amazing this cocktail was. It tasted just like an apple and pear crumble, and was even paired with a spritz of custard scent by the hostess. It was just perfect in every way and definitely one to try when (not if) you go.

By the end of the evening, having been shown around the lovely building into the different bar areas, I was well and truly in awe of this place and with a date in mind for my return, and even a spot in the downstairs bar in my mind, I left with slight sadness that my night was over, but my journey with the Edgbaston has hopefully only just started!

Lenny x

P.s. I apologise massively for my bad pics – I decided just to use my phone, but it didn’t capture the best pics so on my return I will ensure I take my better camera and a notebook in which to detail all the fabulous cocktails I try, as my memory has behaved shockingly! The best way to see and experience this place is just to go and enjoy yourself – but maybe you can invite me along for the ride too!




3 thoughts on “Review: The Edgbaston, Birmingham

  1. The Edgbaston is a cool place. Great for parties and just poor cocktail indulgence. Great review. You sampled a good selection of drinks and your pictures are a good reflection of your night.

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