Lenny loves…Isagenix update

So… I gave up! Well I have put my Isagenix journey on hold for a bit.

With so many work meetings and christmas things on I didn’t really feel like I was getting the benefit of the program, so I will be restarting in the New Year.

I really struggled with the cleanse days and just think my mind wasn’t/isn’t in the right place.

I am disappointed in myself, but I need to learn not to be too hard on myself in relation to my weight as it only makes it worse!

When I am back on track I shall just be using the rest of my products, but will need to reorder the tonics, so it’s going to cost me a bit more money, but I want to be able to do it right and I should have enough shakes and things for a good two weeks worth.

I shall let you know when I restart!

Lenny xx

Lenny loves…Afternoon Tea @ Rofuto with Bumble!

I was one of the lucky few that had the opportunity to attend xameliax’s first Bumble event for bloggers at Rofuto in Birmingham.

Amelia (check out her blog and youtube channel) has just become ‘Queen Bee’ for Birmingham, and has been tasked with organising and hosting various events in the city for Bumble.

A bit about Bumble…they are an online app which you can use for dating, finding new friends and also has a business networking side. I have actually met a few people off the app, including one that I now consider one of my closet friends. I have also used it for dating, but enough said about that the better! Only kidding, it is great for dating, as it is up to the female to message once you have matched with a guy. You still get the issues with the guys not messaging back sometimes, but as it becomes more popular I am hoping more men will join up!

Anyhow, back to the main event! Amelia had organised a fab Japanese themed Afternoon Tea at Rofuto. Rofuto, for those of you who don’t know, is a Japanese restaurant at the top of the Park Regis Hotel at the end of Broad Street. It is a place I have been wanting to try for a while, and this was a great opportunity to not only try it out, but to also meet some new bloggers from Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Having turned up, I was greeted with a glass of Prosecco in a lovely bumble champagne glass and had the chance to chat to the other attendees (shout out to Sophie from Adventurous Soph, Maisie and Lottie from Hello Birmingham and Candace from Buckets of tea).

Once we all got settled, the food started to come out. For us, it was a help yourself kinda affair, however, if you order it normally it comes out looking like this…

Out came the sushi, with Smoked Pepper and Avocado Nigri and Smoked Salmon, Pickled Mooli, Inari, Orange Tobiko Uramaki!! Wow, that was a mouthful to say, and indeed a very tasty mouthful. My favourite was definitely the Smoked Salmon Uramaki. The other savoury element were the Coronation Chicken Bao Buns. Now I love me a good Bao Bun! I love how soft and fluffy Bao Buns are and the filling was yummy, just enough not to squish out!

The sweet section of the afternoon tea was definitely the main event for me. They were absolutely stunning to look at and just as good to eat. First up we had a Salted Caramel and Kalamansi Petit Gateaux followed by a Rose & Lychee Macaroon; a Yuzu Cheesecake with Blackberry Glaze and Lime Crisp; a White Chocolate Peanut Butter Lolly with Bricelet Granules; a Mango, Coconut Sesame Roll and finally the scones; plain and raisin, served with lemongrass curd, strawberry jam and of course, clotted cream!

They were all pretty darn good morsels of sweetness, but the stars for me were the Salted Carmel and Kalamansi Petit Gâteaux and the White Chocolate Peanut Butter lollies, which were semi-frozen and did prove difficult eating for some! The scones were really good too, although I definitely need more cream with mine!

The display looked so bright and colourful, which is sometimes missing from most normal afternoon teas, where they can be quite beige!

It was nice to chat to new people, all their with the same intentions, to make friends, in a lovely location, devouring delicious food!

I will definitely be a) going back to Rofuto and b) attending more Bumble events!

Have you checked out Bumble? If not, why not go and check it out for yourself!

Lenny xx

Disclaimer; Apart from the lovely afternoon tea, I have not received payment for this post, or been asked to write this post, just wanted to share my experiences with you all!

Lenny loves…Isagenix week 2

Week 2 has been hard. I haven’t really stuck to the programme all week. I was away with work down in Portsmouth on Monday night and all day tuesday, then had another all day meeting on thursday. I stupidly tried to do a cleanse day on thursday and completely failed! But I did successfully do one on Friday.

So the results on the scales…I didn’t lose anything, but I also didn’t gain any weight either which was a miracle!

I know it feels like I’m making excuses with work, and I probably am, but for the next two weeks I only have one meeting, next wednesday, and I am going to stick to the programme as much as I can as I really want a 4lb loss next week.

I’m still craving the sweet stuff quite a bit, but I am hoping with some proper food planning this week I can reach my goal.

Who ever said losing weight was easy clearly didn’t have a life!

Lenny x

Lenny loves…brunch part 2

It has been a while since my last brunch post and I have been to brunch in between this and my last post, however somehow I forgot to blog about it! So I will have to revisit that particular brunch venue sometime in the future and get round to writing about it!

This brunch took place on Saturday morning at a place called Coffee Architects in Leamington Spa. This place is cosy and very inviting, and the queues were already building up as I arrived, so to avoid a lengthy wait I recommend you arrive early!

As you walk in there is an array of cakes to your left and boy do they look good! I have been following Coffee Architects for a while on instagram so definitely knew we were in for a treat. As always, my brunch buddy Hannah came along for the ride.

Coconut milk latte

Coffees ordered, it was time for the main event. There was so much to choose from, the normal menu and then the specials menu, which were both pretty impressive. But, after much deliberation, we went for the Avocado Smash, which was, avocado (I know the name kinda gives it away!), their homemade baked beans, poached eggs all served upon sourdough toast and some hefty chunks of grilled halloumi.

We also opted for a side of banana loaf french toast, or I did! We were pre-warned that the portions were rather large and were asked were we sure we wanted all three dishes? I mean what kind of question is that, err yes please!

There was a little bit of wait for the food, but with both of us happily enjoying our latte’s, mine was made with coconut milk, we sat and soaked up the atmosphere and eyed up the cake selection from where we were sitting.

Once the food arrived, it was pretty clear that the waitress had a fair old point about the portion sizes! The avocado smash was impressive to look at, as was the banana loaf french toast, but did they taste as good as they looked? It must be a day for silly questions, but yes they bloomin well did!

For me the highlight of the avocado smash was surprisingly not the avocado itself, but the beans and the halloumi. The beans had so much flavour and it does beg the question as to why on earth I buy Heinz beans when homemade is definitely the way to go (I feel a recipe post coming soon?!) and boy that halloumi was chunky! I don’t think I have ever seen a slice of Halloumi that big, and it was nice and warm and salty (oh err!).

Egg Porn!

We both really struggled to finish, however we, or should I really say I, had the banana loaf french toast to get through.  I was kinda regretting ordering it, until I took my first bite. It was really, really good banana bread, made even better by turning it into french toast, adding fruit and like a toffee, caramel sauce to it, and with the help of my trusty sidekick, we somehow managed to polish it off!

There is something about brunch where I still can’t get over just ordering something sweet, hence why I had to have both a sweet and savoury option. The ordinary french toast looked pretty good too and it is very easy to get food envy here, until you look at your own plate and realise that your’s is just as nice! The Waffles are next on my list as they looked pretty incredible.

After letting our food go down, we went up to order our take away cakes! The thought of eating another thing made me feel slightly queasy but for the sake of the blog, I thought I would take some home and maybe share it?? So I went for their Carrot & Passionfruit cake and a piece of their Rose, Pistachio and Raspberry cake.

The carrot cake was really moist and the passion fruit really lifted the flavour, however, I was slightly disappointed by the Rose, Pistachio and Raspberry cake as the only real flavour I got was from the icing.

I can’t recommend Coffee Architects enough, its perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea and cake! Why not check it out for yourself! Let me know in the comments below if you have been and what you had! Pictures are always appreciated!

Lenny xx

Lenny loves…Cleanse days

So I did it. I decided to go back-to-back on my cleanse days. It was tough, I’m not going to lie to you. I slightly cheated on my 2nd day and had a mugshot in the evening as my tummy was literally screaming out to be fed!

I feel good for it, especially as I have been for brunch this weekend (post coming soon!) and I have lost 8lbs this week, despite eating all the food when I was away with work!

I do have a feeling that one of the ‘side effects’ of the cleanse day is a rather uncontrollable need for the toilet (need I say more, in fact that is probably too much info!) but at least my system is getting rid of all the horrible toxins that my body has been storing over the past few months.

Would I do a back-to-back cleanse again? Maybe, but not this month as I feel slightly out of control when I don’t eat, as if my body is just waiting to binge at the end! So I will sitck with one cleanse a week for the rest of the month.

I feel like I need to start doing a bit more exercise to make the most of this 30 day programme, so gym, here I come!

As always, if you would like to find out more about the Isagenix weight loss programme then drop me a comment below.

Lenny xx

Disclaimer, I am not being paid to write these posts, and I have paid for the products featured in any of these posts. I just wanted to share my journey, especially if it can help someone else in the process.

Lenny loves… Isagenix Day 2-6

First update…it’s going ok. I wouldn’t say going great, as it has been a little bit tough. Not because the plan isn’t easy or enjoyable, but because I have no will power!

The first few days, I stuck to it rigidly, mostly with a shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, low-calorie snacks between meals and a 600 calorie meal in the evening. I even whipped up some fantastic veggie food…

I tried the protein bars, which are really chocolately, the e-shots are ok in flavour, but they helped me through the day and the isa snacks are good too.

My downfall was a work event. We went out for food, I had my heart set on being good, but the food was so damn yummy I went completely overboard as usual.

With all the best will in the world I was back on it the next day, had my breakfast as my meal for the day which was very delicious, but then out came the chocolates, flapjacks and buffet at my work meeting and bam, I caved!

Yum! Breakfast!

Before I would have just written the rest of the week off, but I am back on it with a cleanse day today.

A cleanse day is a day where you don’t have any shakes, or your 600 calorie meal. You cleanse and fast your system with a tonic called ‘Nourish for Life’ which is bursting with vitamins. You drink this 4 times throughout the day, along with your e-shot, some of the isa snacks and if you fancy, some isa delights!

I will let you know how my cleanse day goes, and I may even try a double cleanse and do two days back to back! We shall see how much I miss actual food!

If you would like to know more, then drop me a comment down below.

Lenny xx

Lenny loves…A New Challenge

Some of you will know that I have been following slimming world for a while now and did reach my target earlier this year, having lost around 2 stone!

The thing is, I have put it all back on and a few more pounds and I have been really struggling to get the weight back off. Not only that, I am so tired all the time and my eating habits are not even that of a normal person, it is like I’m possessed by some demon that needs to eat everything in sight to stay alive!!

A friend of mine, who also had struggled with slimming world, joined a weight management programme with a company called Isagenix. She has had great success with the programme and has so much energy, she looks healthy and happy, so I decided to give it a go.

After having a discussion with my friend on the phone, going through my reasons for wanting to lose weight, what motivated me, and going through which programme would be best for me, my friend ordered my box and I just had to sit and wait for it to arrive!

When my box arrived it was huge and heavy! But I was so excited to open it and get started!

I went for the premium pack which contained all I needed for the next 30 days.

The programme is essentially shake based, supported by cleanse days. The shakes contain lots of nutrients and the supporting products are there to help you along the way.

I thought I would document my journey here and let you know how it goes.

Day 1

I was really excited to get started! My pack came with a blender, so to start I went with the Strawberry shake. You just add water and blend. I added a few ice cubes to make it nice and cold. You can either have it quite thick (reduce amount of water) or quite thin (increase the amount of water) and blend for 30 seconds and there you go. Along with the shake, you have a supplement which is aimed at supporting your bodies metabolism and energy production and also a daily tonic which is designed to support overall well-being.

The strawberry shake was delicious! I really enjoyed how thick it was, and even got my spoon to get as much as I could out of the shaker! The tonic was ok, you can dilute it with water or drink it straight, so I decided to dilute it so I could get a good load of water down me too!

Like any weight system, you should ensure that you drink plenty of water throughout the day, which is probably the part I’m going to struggle with the most!

Lunchtime and another shake, I went for the Chocolate one this time, again fairly thick. I definitely prefer the Strawberry one, but it was still very palatable and another daily supplement down the hatch.

The plan allows for you to have a mid-morning snack and a mid-afternoon snack if you need to (around 100 cals each) but I didn’t feel the need to. They also do protein bars, which you can snack on, but I am yet to try mine.

For dinner, you have a 400-600 calorie balanced meal. You can have this at any time of the day, so if you wanted to have a good breakfast then have a shake for lunch and dinner you can. The programme is completely flexible as to how you want it to work. I do feel that I need to work on my portion control for my evening meals and get used to what 600 calories of protein carbs and veg should look like but I will get there!

For pudding, they do these little delight chocolate salted caramel squares to take that sweet craving away. Very yummy!

Then to ensure that everything functions, you have another daily supplement which you take before bed to help support your bodies natural flow.

Verdict on Day 1

I found the plan pretty easy to follow, and didn’t find that I was hungry or needed to snack between my meals. This was probably mainly because I didn’t start until mid-morning and was kept busy putting together my last piece of flat pack furniture together!

I think Monday will be more of a challenge as I’ll be at work surrounded by temptation!

Hopefully you will follow me on my journey and if you have any questions then just drop them below!

Lenny xx